October 25, 2006

Preparing for and experiencing Digg Effect

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EvoDiggRobocrow understood and took advantage of the habits of Diggers (myself included) to get the Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) ‘Evolution’ on the front page of Digg.  Very cool post…

Some excerpts:

 “I did not want only to lazily submit the direct link of the game’s front page … I wrote a review which was not really a game description but more an insight of the game’s atmosphere and fun”

“… I put on my page one small gif picture, hotlinked from a google page account, plus my website logo. Both would not take a lot of this precious [bandwidth].”

“… I knew that one of the magic word to use was ‘Firefox’ … Firefox is a thematic which comes back every week if not every day on digg.com where Links containing this word are the most clicked.  As for the rest of the wording, ‘free’ is a word that sell well. ‘MMOG’: everybody knows what it is … I got as a final catchy result: Evolution, A free browser based MMOG running on Firefox. Simple and efficient.”

“The last thing I did was to place a thread in the Evolution forum telling them to digg the review. I needed only 30-40 digg …”

He then goes into the chronology of how the effect took hold, and it’s effect on his game community… very cool stuff:

How to boost an online (gaming) community using the digg.


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